Have Your Say In BC Forest Practices

The BC government is inviting British Columbians to provide input into improving the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA). This is an important chance to affect long-term forestry practices.

The YCWS is submitting input on behalf of our community. We encourage you to provide input as well.

We have created answers that relate to the situation Ymir and other communities are facing in their watersheds. Use these comments as is or for guidance. Available as either pdf or doc for easy copying.

Each question has our interpretation to assist you in developing your own answers. These do not represent all the changes that could benefit FRPA - they are a contribution to the entirety of feedback that will be received.

The deadline for input is Monday July 15, 2019 at 4pm.

Protect our watershed and save our town!

The community of Ymir in southern interior BC is under threat of losing our water and our town from industrialization in our watershed forest.  The small Quartz Creek Watershed provides the only source of potable water and firefighting water for our community of ~400.

The Ymir Community Watershed Society works to protect the Quartz Creek watershed to ensure a long term potable water source for Ymir, BC.

We acknowledge and honour the Indigenous Peoples who consider our region to be their Traditional Territories.

Photos and content are provided by members of the Ymir community.