Late Summer Update

We have been busy this summer gathering support from stakeholders and educating the public.  BCTS meetings have been often, and eye-opening.  BCTS has been polite, information and unyielding.  We continue to meet with various invested parties.  

We have official support from RDCK, our MLA and the Ktanaxa nation. 

Fundraising is underway with a gofundme page (see donation button) and community dinner and party next Saturday (Aug 26th). We are also selling t-shirts and stickers. 

Emily's class's children's book "Saving Quartz Creek" is in it's final stages of publishing. 


Summer Update

The BCTS referral period has officially begun and we continue to write letters about our values and our concerns. 

We are beginning fundraising initiatives, primarily our community-wide dinner in August. 

Action team continues to meet with both the ministry and BCTS.  They have postponed building roads until summer of 2019.