Initial thoughts

On Wednesday, April 19th two BCTS representatives held a "courtesy" meeting with Area G Director Hans Cunningham and other RDCK staff outlining plans for the first phase of logging the Ymir Community Watershed: the same area currently designated a "Watershed Protection Area" by the RDCK.

Most Ymir residents appreciate the direct and indirect benefits of responsible logging in BC. The current BCTS plan to log our tiny, delicate, 6km/sq community watershed is not responsible logging. It is the only source of drinking and fire-fighting water critical to all of our almost 400 residents.

Surface water feeds the creek system that supplies our small intake pond which in turn feeds our treatment plant. Mature trees shade the entire watershed, ensuring that we don't lose too much water to evaporation. There is no large reservoir. During the hottest, driest summers, our water supply gets low and has caused issues in the past. If levels get any lower, we will be in crisis. Logging in our tiny watershed poses an unnecessary risk to our entire community.