So a lot has been happening these past weeks.  We have a website and active facebook group.  We've gotten media attention (CBC, Nelson Star, Juice FM).  We've designed and made t-shirts.  We organized a giant community photo with 100+ people.  We've continued our letter writing enthusiasm!  J and Alan have met with representatives from BCTS. We have gathered research regarding the history of the watershed, the limitations of the hydrology report and the ecology of the watershed. We have received a lot of support (including official support from the RDCK).



We will be having a booth at Tiny Lights and Kaslo Jazzfest for letter writing, education and fundraising... A petition is being created. We are waiting for the summer to arrive in the watershed in order to look for blue and red-listed species.  We have experts awaiting the melt and ready to lead identification walks. The official feedback time for BCTS begins June 15 and we hope to have 1 event per week for the 60 days.